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Saturday, April 23, 2011

I can use "Bull Malarkey" in a sentence, too

Yet another judge says "They're out to get me" in yet another case of judicial misconduct. To that I say "Bull Malarkey"...

Harlan circuit judge faces misconduct charges

The top judicial official in Harlan County abused his position to try to discredit his cousin's opponent in a political race, an ethics panel has charged.
Circuit Judge Russell D. Alred also committed numerous other ethics breaches, including seeking a job for another cousin; compromising his impartiality by pushing for investigations of people; and ordering people to take drug tests without cause, the charges allege.
The state Judicial Conduct Commission publicly issued a total of 20 charges against Alred on Tuesday. That is a high number compared to other recent cases.
The charges — which are administrative, not criminal — allege that Alred has committed misconduct, besmirched the judiciary, allowed family or other relationships to impair his objectivity and has been unfair.
The commission could rule that the charges have no merit.
However, if the panel decides Alred violated ethics standards, his potential punishment ranges from being privately admonished to being suspended or even removed from office.

In documents filed with the commission, Alred denied all the charges, saying people opposed to him politically have orchestrated "frivolous and mean-spirited complaints" to the conduct commission.
Alred told The Associated Press that the charges are "bull malarkey."
"It's all politically motivated by individuals who worked diligently against me in my 2006 election," Alred told the AP. "And they have conspired, encouraged and prompted numerous false allegations to be made against me."
Read about the really BAD stuff  here...

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