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Monday, March 7, 2011

Snatched from the Jaws of Death

This is a little digression from the tenor of this blog, but I had an experience today which can only be described as a scene from "Drive Angry". I was on my way to an appointment when, while approaching an intersection to make a left turn on a green arrow, some doofus approaching from my right ran his red light doing every bit of 60 mph very nearly t-boned me. For some reason I looked to my right just in time to hit the breaks, downshift, and apply the parking break all at the same time, causing me to power-slide through the intersection.

This maneuver placed me parallel and about 3 feet from the oncoming suv's driver-side door.  I peed a little.  There is no way I could have pulled this off IF I HAD TRIED.  Proof that there are angels looking out for people, because said doofus also managed to not demolish the two cars that were in the lane to my right traveling through the intersection, and by all rights should have been turned into vehicular pop-tarts.  Thank you, God.

Anyway, that is the post for today.  In the next post, I plan on posting my first in a series relating to local (Kentucky) politics as it relates to the judicial process.

This should be pretty juicy stuff.

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